The Company

The company - Acosgraf

Founded in 1981, the ALBINO & COSTA, start building machinery and equipment for the graphic industry, initially, with an area covered with 300 square meters.
In 1991 the ALBINO & COSTA changed name to ACOSGRAF. LDA. and moved to new premises in industrial zone from Canelas – Portugal with 2000 square meters.

With a bright future ACOSGRAF has been continuous developing new machinery technology.
In the current day ACOSGRAF is more direct to the built machine for the screen printing business, textile printing industry, transfer, pad printing and ancillary equipment in digital printing and graphic industry.

Always with the horizon of continuous improvement and development, ACOSGRAF with the effort of all employees reached in 2013 the PME LIDER STATUS that has been removed in 2014.

The sales from ACOSGRAF in the INTERNACIONAL markets are made trough their agencies and in the recent years the ACOSGRAF name has been a symbol from quality, liability, friendly use equipment.

Currently, 30% of its total production is absorbed by the internal market and 70% absorbed by the external market (Spain, Holland, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Angola, Mozambique, etc.).


In the recent years ACOSGRAF, Lda., has been highlighted as one most versatile and attentive European machinery provider.

As proof of it in the recent times new machines have been launched to meet our national and international customers demands, witch lead to a developed for the internationalization from the Acosgraf name.

Acosgraf industrial activity is characterized by the manufacturing from high end quality machines with elevated viability, friend use and high production. All the chosen materials in the machines building respects high quality standard rules from the European union.

As complementary activity, the after sales service assumes a serious compromise in the company. So all their customers and agents can be sure to have a after sales response as quick and professional as possible.

As a proof of quality , ACOSGRAF is always open to improve continuous by the ideas changing between customers and agents all over the world.