The MH FLASH S-TYPE + is a machine designed to cure after each screen printing process (colour). The MH FLASH S-TYPE + can be used with an automatic or manual textile printing machine. It can also be used with our without stand. The MH FLASH S-TYPE + has special dimensions that will fit perfect in the automatic carrousel manufacteur by MHM S-TYPE MODEL +.

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  • Heat Source 12.000W;
  • 6x Ventilation fans to harmonize drying process;
  • Automatic or Manual set up available;
  • Temporisation from flash cure;
  • Possibility to adjust power output of the lamp between 20 to 100%;
  • Each lamp with independent ON/OFF switch;
  • Option to have start made by: Photocell; limit switch or by machine control;
  • Available to have the flash cure making machine comunication control with: S;ROQUE;MHM; Hebbecker; etc…
  • Preheating of lamps between cycles.
MH FLASH – S-TYPE + Uni MH S+ 12000
Área de exposição de Calor Cm 65×43
Altura da plataforma de trabalho cm 68 to 115
Profundidade exterior Cm
Largura exterior Cm
Potência W 12000
Peso Kg 66
Voltagem V 400