The AKORN 3M + ASP is a drying tunnel suitable to dry the inks printed in DIRECT TO GARMENT (DTG). The AKORN 3M + ASP is equipped with hot air turbine that will work in close loop air circuit so you have maximum drying capacity when working in the drying process from DIRECT TO GARMENT (DTG) inks. The AKORN 3M+ ASP is a drying tunnel 100% hot air.


  • Mesh belt coated with TEFLON;
  • Electronic speed adjuster from belt speed;
  • Re circulation from air in closed loop circuit for option water base drying, PLASTISOL and others;
  • Hot air velocity with the possibility from adjustment;
  • Heating emitters in chromium nickel;
  • Digital temperature controller with PID method;
  • Thermal isolation made by 10 mm thickness material from hot chamber;
  • Chimney to make smoke exhaustion;
  • Maximum height from object that you can dry is 13 cm as standard;
  • Maximum working temperature as standard – 180 ºc;
  • Other dimensions can be manufacture by request.
  • Equipped as standard with a smoke extraction system that includes a chimney at the entrance and exit + a suction motor for smoke extraction
AKORN 3M + ASPUniAK ASP 30007AK ASP 30008AK ASP 30010AK ASP 30012AK ASP 30015AK ASP 30016
Heating dimensionCm300×70300×80300×100300×120300×150300×160
Curing time rangeseg.60 – 36060 – 36060 – 36060 – 36060 – 36060 – 360
Width from beltCm7080100120150160
Maximum height from objects to dryCm131313131313
Power installkW192127324042
Max. working temperatureºC180180180180180180
External lenghtCm550550550550550550
External widthCm115125145165185195
External heightCm170170170170170170