AC – 300

The AC – 300 is a semi-automatic printing machine able to print flat objects or round objects. The AC – 300 can be equipped also with vacuum printing table with micro registration on printing table.


  • Independent adjustable printing speeds and flood bar;
  • Electro pneumatic movements.
  • Easy and operator friendly adjustments;
  • Micro registration adjustments;
  • Able to print in round and flat surfaces;
  • Round printing accessory with pneumatic blocker and gear wheel for perfect round printing;
  • Able to print in manual, semi-automatic or automatic mode;
  • Printing table with micro registration adjustments;
  • LCD display;
  • Emergency switch;
  • Printing counter included;
AC – 300UniAC – 300
Printing size (depth * width)mm300×200
Maximum diameter from objects to printmm90
Maximum height from objects to printmm200
Maximum prints per hour 800
Maximum screen size (depth*width)Cm50 x 28 x 3
External depthCm79
External widthCm62
External heightCm169