AC - 260 SE

The AC – 260 SE is a semi-automatic printing machine able to print flat objects or round objects. The AC – 260 SE can be equipped also with vacuum printing table with micro registration on printing table.


  • Printing and flood speed with individual adjustment;
  • Printing and flood force made by individual cylinder and with adjustment possibility;
  • All movements made by pneumatic cylinder;
  • Equipped with micro registrations adjustments in screen;
  • Possibility to print flat or round prints;
  • Accessory with air blow and gear wheel to print round objects as a option;
  • Several accessories and gear wheels to print round objects available;
  • Possibility to work in automatic mode with temporisation or in cycle model with foot pedal START signal;
  • Printing table with micro adjustments and vacuum as a option;
  • LCD display with several functions;
  • Equipped e with emergency bar and switch for operator safety;
  • Printing counter in LCD display information;
AC – 260 SE Units AC – 260 SE
Maximum printing size mm 260 x 150
Maximum diameter to print mm 80
Maximum height from objects to print mm 150
Maximum production pieces per hour 800
Maximum screen size cm 50 x 25 x 2,5
External depth cm 55
External width Cm 60
External height Cm 97
Weight Kg 75
Voltage V 230 / 50