The BACPRINT is a washing and developing tank used in the screen printing industry. The BACPRINT is equipped with light box behind to help in better developing and washing the screens. The BACPRINT is 100% built in stainless steel and can be equipped with acrylic transparent door; inclination rail from screen; motor for solvent vapours aspiration, etc…


  • Fully built in stainless steel;
  • Light box behind to help screen developing from screens;
  • Possibility to have a chimney for toxic vapours aspiration (option);
  • Transparent PVC door for water splashing protection (option);
  • Dirty water decanting system with 3 levels to remove solid particles (option);
  • Inclination rails to place the screens (option);
BACPRINTUniBAC 0710BAC 1013BAC 1316BAC 1518
Maximum screen size (height*width)Cm70 x 100100 x 130130 x 160150 x 180
External depthCm92929292
External widthCm116146176196
External heightCm172187217217
VoltageV230 / 50230 / 50230 / 50230 / 50
Shipping dimensions (W*D*H)Cm120*105*190160*105*200190*105*230210*105*230