The OSCAR 4000 is a wastewater-cleaning system for the screen printing industry. The OSCAR 4000 can treat up to 4000 liter from water a day and the opeartion from the machine is fully automatic. No sludge or other residue is produce in such operation.


  • 3 cleaning steps in final water cleaning;
  • No need to have operator nearby (process is complete automatic with minimal work labor required);
  • possibility to have PH adjuster chemical;
  • Pressure manometer and emergency stop switch for operator safety;
  • Water counter unit to know how many liter from water has been treated and also control costs from treatment;
  • Fully automatic system with FREE sludge production;
  • Water treatment system made by active carbon filters to remove all hazard chemicals from water;
  • More them 30 units install until now with 22 machines in France and some with ISO environment approval;
  • No installation from tubes and other systems required (connect and start immediate working);
  • Immersion pump in stainless steel already include in machine for customer commodity;
OSCAR Units OS 4000
Cap. water treatment per day m3 4
External depth cm 116
External width Cm 182
External height Cm 109
Power install Kw 3
Weight Kg 560
Voltage V 230 / 50